Founder David Schulze

We take out the trash so you don't have to!

Become the champion of your office when you bring our wonderful business to your community today!

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About Partnering

Valet Trash Services would love to partner with apartment complexes that are looking to add a much needed service to their communities.


When you partner with Valet Trash Services, you are reinvesting in your community through scholarships, you are protecting you community through crime deterrent, and you are giving your residents a great service that they are looking for.


Partnering Benefits

There are many benefits to joining the VTS team!

Valet Trash Service is an amenity that residents want, it will add an additional source of income for the property, and part of the funds will go to a scholarship for the student who does the most to clean up their community. VTS is a feel good business looking to make a difference in the communities it works for. Join us today!


  • A new source of income for the property
  • Add a great amentity that residents love
  • Uniformed employees provide a crime deterrent
  • Provide needed scholarships to the community
  • Clearner community
  • Marketing edge
  • Reduced turnover
  • Happier residents