Founder David Schulze

We take out the trash so you don't have to!

The kids are yelling in the other room, the dog just ate a cushion, and to top it all off it just started raining outside. With all the hassles of everyday life, wouldn't it be nice to have a little help? Don't worry Valet Trash Services is on the way!

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Why You Should Choose Us


Reason1Valet Trash Services is staffed by a team of kind, reliable, and hardworking individuals. Your comfort is our priority!



Demand for time saving and convenient amenities like door to door trash services is exploding! Image all the wasted time, hassle, and work you'll be avoiding using us!

Community Reinvestment


What really sets us above all other valet trash companies is our dedication to the communities we serve. Including annual college scholarships, jobs, and recycling.

Who We Are


Valet Trash Services was founded on principal of Community Care

We believe in bringing a low cost, high reward service to new communities. We also believe in creating jobs and in giving students of all ages the assistance they need in getting to the next level of their education. Valet Trash Services is about so much more than providing fantastic service with a smile. We know you'll be thrilled to become part of our community and we can't wait to be part of yours!


My son's been taking out my trash for years, but now that he's gone to college I need a little extra help around the house. This service is great! It's also good to know that part of their fee goes to helping young men and women like my son achieve their educational goals!

Barbara Schulze